Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist

When you close your eyes and imagine what healthy skin looks like, no doubt you see a skin that looks bright and luminous with a healthy radiant
glow. Under the microscope as your Skin Professional at Pure Indulgence, we’re really talking about its moisture barrier: a natural, lipidrich blend of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids that make the skin appear smooth, supple, and resilient and functions as skin’s first line of defence. Included in this are the skin cells and their moisture content. The combination of both lipids surrounding the cells and the content of moisture inside the cells equates to a healthy skin barrier.

What makes and breaks a Healthy Moisture Barrier?

A healthy moisture barrier keeps pollution and bacteria out and helps hold in hydration. But skin’s moisture barrier can easily be compromised by stressors like environmental aggressors, overexfoliation, harsh stripping cleansers and astringents, and even the natural skin ageing process. Like a deflated balloon, skin then loses its bounce, vitality and natural luster – becoming dull and amplifying imperfections. Many consumers turn to anti-aging products to restore their skin’s bounce and tone, but these don’t address
the root problem: prolonged dehydration due to a compromised barrier.

Navigating dehydration

The market is quite literally flooded with Toners and Mists to target dryness and dehydration.  So what sets Dermalogica apart? At the Dermalogica Laboratories our team of
Research and Development Drs have curated a high potency Mist using Next Generation Ingredient Technology which targets not only skin cells to boost hydration but
also targets the barrier lipids to enhance the skin protective shield.

Introducing NEW! Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist

Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist saturates skin with hydration, and locks in moisture to help it bounce back. Formulated with:

– Four types of Hyaluronic Acid: targets all layers of the skin to hydrate and seal in moisture for supple skin.

– Ceramides: boosts skins protective barrier and locks the vital moisture within skins cells to soothe skin and
reduce fine lines.

– Rose Water: rich in antioxidant flavonoids and polyphenols, revives and refreshes skin boosting its defence
against environmental aggressors preventing premature ageing.

How to use Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist

Simply spritz over your cleansed skin am and pm and for best results follow with Dermalogica’s Circular Hydration Serum and your favourite
Dermalogica Moisturser.  Our Pro Tip is to use Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist as a refreshing mist throughout the day
to boost hydration, even over your make-up!

Pick up yours today from one of our 11 Pure Indulgence Locations and we welcome you to your healthiest most hydrated skin yet.

WRITTEN BY – Susan Neilon (Dermalogica Senior Educator)