Are there any restrictions on times I can use my Gift Voucher?
As per our terms and conditions in line with the office of fair trading listed at our reception counters at point of sale, on the gift card and on our website, Gift vouchers cannot be redeemed on Sundays or Public holidays.
Can I use my Gift Voucher at any Pure Indulgence Location?
Vouchers can be redeemed at any one of our 12 salon locations across South East Queensland.
What happens if I misplace my Gift Voucher?
All of our gift vouchers are treated as cash tender, unfortunately, lost or stolen vouchers cannot be replaced.
What can I do with a voucher I received for a treatment that I don’t like or want?
Vouchers can be redeemed/ exchanged to the dollar value, on any treatments within the Pure Indulgence Service Menu or on any skin care products offered within Pure Indulgence Salons. Vouchers are also transferable and can be given to a family member or friend.
Can I use a Gift Voucher that has expired?
We offer a 3-year expiry on all Gift Vouchers. Any Gift Voucher outside of the date range, unfortunately, cannot be accepted.
Can I print my Gift Voucher out from an online purchase?
Currently we do not offer a printed voucher system.
I have changed my mind on my skincare purchases, am I entitled to a refund?
In line with the office of fair trade we do not offer refunds on skincare products for a change of mind, so please choose carefully. We do provide a refund if you were given faulty stock, or if you have experienced a reaction from your skincare prescription.
I have had a reaction to a treatment or product what do I do?
If you have had a reaction to a treatment or new product purchase or have any concern regarding your skin after a treatment with Pure Indulgence, please contact your salon as soon as possible for further advice.
Why do I have to fill out a consultation form in the salon?
The information we receive on the consultation form provides us with the necessary history about the your skin to ensure that it is safe to conduct the requested service and to enable us to customise your treatment to suit your needs. We have the right to refuse a service if the appropriate consultation form is not filled out.
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