Circular Hydration Serum

Circular Hydration Serum – Boosting Skins Hydration Cycle


Most of us know hydration is critical for our inner health, but do we spare a moment to consider hydration’s impact on our skin? For example, did you know that a healthy level of moisture allows our skin to function at its optimum and contributes to that radiant glow we all crave?


The skin condition, dehydration, occurs when our skin cells lack water, and all skin types can be affected. Even an oily skin is not immune from dehydration. When we lose vital moisture, important processes in our skin can malfunction, leading to a dull, flaky and often, congested skin.


Hydration at a Deeper Level

One of these processes affected by hydration is our skin’s natural shedding mechanism, which ensures the top dulling, dry skin cells shed, and fresh new cells replace them. This doesn’t happen by chance. There are specialised enzymes in the skin which rely on hydrated skin cells to break these old cells away. Without this critical hydration, they cannot do their job and old skin cells will be retained, stealing your glow and even contributing to the blocking of your pores.


Cycle of Hydration

So how does our skin get its hydration? Well, firstly, we gain moisture from the atmosphere in a process called osmosis, plus we also gain moisture directly from water consumed from drinking and the food we eat. No matter the source, the flow of water in our skin naturally moves upwards from the deeper layers, through to our surface layers and then evaporates into the atmosphere. Here’s a fun fact, our skin can lose up to half a litre of water per day!


Hydration Thieves

Many factors can accelerate the loss of moisture in our skin. Environmental factors such as change of season, low humidity, air conditioning, pollution and UV exposure can all dehydrate the skin in a flash. Topical factors such as over cleansing and exfoliating, under moisturising and hot showers can additionally cause that tell-tale skin tightness – a hallmark of dehydration. Also, internal factors such as medication, caffeine, alcohol and underconsumption of water can put the skin at risk of dehydration.


Hydration Solution

So how do we optimise hydration? There are many hydrating serums and masques on the market which serve to add hydration topically, but many of these once applied disappear into the skin as fast as they were applied, resulting in a short-term boost of hydration.


Next Generation Hydration

Dermalogica’s team of doctors have uncovered a new, next generation approach that promises 10+ hours of continual hydration and an increase in hydration levels over time. Introducing NEW Circular Hydration Serum. 


This ultra-hydrating, advanced serum used the latest hydration ingredient technology to not only flood the skin with topical moisture, but stimulate the skins natural hydration factors from within.


Key ingredients in Circular Hydration Serum:

  • Polyglutamic Acid – Derived from fermented Soy, it’s used in both high and low molecular weights to provide a moisturising film that keeps hydration locked in the skin and stimulates hydration from within.
  • Algae Extract-infused moisturising matrix – Delivers quick and long-lasting hydration for a healthy-looking skin.
  • Lactobacillus Ferment + Avena (Oat) Extract – Helps balance skins microbiome (bacteria community) to improve barrier health so skin can better hold water.
  • Amino Acids – Similar to those naturally present in the skin, trap water onto the skin’s surface, helping prevent future dehydration. 
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Known for its ability to hold 1000 times its own weight in water, this potent humectant, also naturally present in the skin, provides deep hydration.
  • Plant-derived sugars – Provide an ongoing moisture reservoir deep in the skin.

An All-Inclusive Serum

As all skins can experience dehydration, the Circular Hydration Serum with its cooling, lightweight and silky consistency absorbs quickly into the skin, allowing even the oiliest of skin to benefit from its super saturating properties. The skin will be alleviated of tightness and left smooth, plump and luminous.


How to use Circular Hydration Serum

Circular Hydration Serum can be used morning and night, applied onto a clean skin, after toning and before moisturising. Dispense half a dropper into hands and lightly smooth over face, neck and chest. If you love a multi-tasking serum, Circular Hydration Serum can also be used around the eyes, helping soften texture and smooth fine lines.


PRO Tip: Exfoliation will also help maintain healthy hydration, as it removes dead, dehydrated skin cells, revealing a brighter, more hydrated skin underneath. Dermalogica’s Hydro Masque Exfoliant is a gentle hydrating and exfoliating 5-minute masque that smoothes and renews for luminous, healthy-looking skin. To amplify hydration, spritz your favourite Dermalogica Mist prior to applying Circular Hydration Serum.

You can purchase your very own Circular Hydration Serum at your nearest Pure Indulgence location and advance your skin’s hydration cycle today.

WRITTEN BY – Susan Neilon (Dermalogica Senior Educator