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 NEW! Neck Fit Contour Serum

Think about it, what gives away your age? Is it the face, is it the eyes,
is it the back of the hands? As much as these areas can indicate your age, the
truth mainly lies in the condition of the skin on the neck.


Facts about Ageing and the Neck

Why the neck you may ask? Well, let’s do an experiment so you can see
firsthand why the skin of the neck is prone to ageing. First, feel the skin on
your cheek, then move to the skin around your eyes, and now feel the skin on
your neck. Do you notice a difference? These areas all differ greatly in their thickness.
In fact, the neck skin is approximately half the thickness of the cheek skin. Consequently,
this delicate, thin skin is at risk of damage from sun, pollution and most
importantly neglect.


Neck Neglect

Ask yourself, do I give my neck the care it needs? Many skincare users
dote on the skin from the jaw, up the face, to the hairline. But the neck and
chest are either completely excluded or limited to leftover product from the
face. Over time, this neck neglect adds years to the perceived age of the skin.


New terminology: Tech Neck!

Not only can neck neglect age us, but there is a new term used by both
the professional skin and body industry and the medical community. And it’s
called Tech Neck. This modern-day condition comes from our prolonged use of electrical
devices. Become aware of your posture right now reading this blog – shoulders
slouched, chin tilted down. It’s this repetitive stress which affects not only the
neck muscles, but accelerates the formation of lines on the neck, adding even
more years to the perceived age of the skin.


Injectable Treatment Restrictions of the Neck

Many women and men seek injectables such as Botox or Fillers to address
signs of ageing on the face. However, the neck is subject to injectable treatment restrictions,
due to the biological features of the neck muscles. We need its full capability
for bodily functions such as swallowing, talking, expressions and even kissing!
Only small amounts of Injectables can be administered to the neck area, leaving
topically applied products the most viable option for treating the neck.


Introducing NEW Neck Fit Contour Serum

A first for Dermalogica: an innovative high-performance serum for the
neck which immediately tightens skin and firms over time. Introducing Neck Fit Contour
Serum…this dynamic treatment comes with next generation technology and is accompanied
by a unique roll-on massage applicator.


The immediate tightening effect of Neck Fit Contour Serum is due to the
Flex Lift Contour Technology which forms a weightless, invisible mesh over the
skin. When dry, it not only smoothes and tightens fine lines and reduces wrinkle
depth, but also forms a pollution shield, safeguarding the skin against
premature ageing. 


Other Key Actives

  • Rye Seed Extract, Novel
    Palmitoyl Tripeptide 42 and Rambutan Extract
    – a potent
    fusion of actives with Retinol-like results, which visibly smoothes, firms
    and tones skin.
  • Resurrection Plant-Inspired
    – mimicking the drought resistant desert plant, it
    acts as a powerful moisture magnet to plump and smooth, increasing
    hydration of skin on the neck.
  • Griffona Seed – native to
    West Africa, this highly resilient plant defends itself against UV induced
    damage, providing highly potent antioxidant defence to the skin. 

How to use Neck Fit Contour Serum

Neck Fit Contour Serum can be used daily, both AM and PM. Apply to the
neck and chest after cleansing and toning the skin. Simply remove cap, twist
applicator to the “ON” position. Tilt chin up and gently squeeze the tube to
dispense the serum, while rolling over the skin in long upward strokes, from
chest to jawline, moving from one side to the other. After rolling over
the neck and chest once, twist applicator to the “OFF” position so no more
serum is dispensed and continue to roll up and down to provide massage benefits
to the skin and muscles. Hold the pose with chin tilted up until the serum is
dry. Follow with your Dermalogica moisturiser and SPF in the daytime.



Our favourite daytime treatment to partner with the Neck Fit Contour
Serum is Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50. This 2-in-1 moisturiser is packed with
peptides to firm skin, Hyaluronic Acid to plump, and antioxidants to defend, resulting
in heathy, radiant skin. 

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WRITTEN BY – Susan Neilon (Dermalogica Senior Educator)


Are you obsessed with exfoliation?

Many people love the feeling of freshly exfoliated skin. It is common that people over-exfoliate trying to achieve this smooth, healthy glow but instead cause dehydration, fine lines, redness and even breakouts. Granular exfoliants can be a great way to buff away that dead skin build-up, but these types of exfoliants should only be used 1-2 weekly, certainly NOT every day.

The skin’s surface is made up of a barrier that helps protect your skin from environmental factors and bacteria from entering. Disruption of this barrier from over-exfoliation can result in a stripped acid mantle displaying red, angry, sensitive skin.

Can’t ditch the daily exfoliation? Let us introduce you to Dermalogica’s powder-based exfoliants. These gentle DAILY exfoliants still give your skin the buff you have learned to love but won’t strip your skin’s protective barrier.

Daily Superfoliant is a charcoal-based skin resurfacer designed to combat the environmental triggers known to accelerate skin ageing. It helps detoxify the pores from air pollution particles to deliver ultra-smooth skin. Suitable for normal to mature or prematurely ageing skin.

Daily Microfoliant is a rice-based skin polisher designed to gently microfoliate the dulling debris on the skin’s surface to reveal brighter, smoother skin and stimulate cell renewal for improved suppleness. Suitable for all skin conditions.

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Does Blue Light Age Your Skin?

With an increase of time spent on digital devices, a focus has turned to blue light and if excessive daily amounts of this light wavelength can contribute to damage within our eyes, skin, and overall health.


It is early stages, but studies have discovered that blue light like UV, can penetrate the skin and may contribute to ageing, breakdown of collagen, production of pigmentation/melasma and free radicals.


This form of light is the short-wavelength blue/violet band of the visible light spectrum. It is an important wavelength that also radiates from the sun and regulates our body’s circadian rhythm. It is also proven to effectively treat acne when exposure is controlled with machinery like LED Light Therapy. Blue light makes up about 35% of the sun’s electromagnetic radiation but also found in smartphones, computers, televisions, fluorescent and LED lighting


A recent study has shown we spend on average approximately 10 hours a day exposed to digital devices. It is something we cannot escape so we must incorporate ways to balance the combination of UV and blue light. Ensure your morning skincare regime includes a good quality SPF that contains zinc oxidise. This ingredient acts like a barrier helping to reflect UV rays and blue light. This is important even if you don’t head out of the house for the day. Wearing a SPF daily should now be thought of as your ‘Day Time Protection’, not sun protection. In the evening include antioxidant-filled night time products to help tackle free radical exposure and repair your skin.


 What else can be done? Limit your exposure to devices over the whole day, see if your phone has the abilty to limit blue light, turn off devices 30 minutes before bed,  and sit further away from the television or computer if possible.


 Looking for a good day time SPF and antioxidant-filled night-time products? Book a complimentary skin consultation with a Pure Indulgence Skin Therapist.