Daily Milkfoliant

Nothing beats the fresh feeling of your skin after exfoliating! Those dull, dry damaged skin cells being buffed away brings an instant glow to the skin. As much as this coveted (and essential) step in our skin care routine can bring radiance to the skin, if used incorrectly or with aggressive agents, it can bring the opposite response to the skin – flakiness, dehydration, and sensitivity. As a result, this exfoliation misuse has left some uneasy with exfoliation.

Journey of The Skin and The Role of Exfoliation

So why do we need exfoliation? When we are young our skin cells are born in the lower layers of our skin and embark on their journey to the surface of the skin to form the skin’s protective barrier. Once tired, they’ll naturally shed off as dry, dead cells – approximately 14-19 days later.

As we exit the teens and move through the decades, this process slows and dry dull skin stays longer on the surface, not only stealing our glow but hindering the penetration of our serums and moisturisers into the skin. However, exfoliating instantly gives this natural process a boost, revealing the new skin beneath.

The Truth about Exfoliation – Exfoliation v’s Microfoliation

A common question qualified skin therapists at Pure Indulgence are asked is “Exfoliation feels so good, can I do it daily?”.  The answer depends on if you have an exfoliant or a microfoliant.

Exfoliants work deeper in the skin, penetrating products either in an abrasive form or non-abrasive gel or cream – they are strictly to be used 1 – 2 times per week. Daily use of weekly exfoliants can strip the skin’s protective lipids, thin the skin and lead to dehydration and sensitivity.

Microfoliants, on the other hand, are gentle polishing treatments that remove only the very top 2- 4 layers of skin to eliminate the dry, flaky surface cells and reveal luminous and fresh cells underneath. Daily use of a microfoliant leaves the skin a smooth, fresh feeling and boosts radiance, all without any unwanted side effects.

Microfoliation – A New Frontier of Exfoliation

21 years ago, Dermalogica pioneered microfoliation. Jane Wurwand, the founder of Dermalogica, was inspired by daily exfoliation while at a Japanese traditional health retreat. During Jane’s stay, a ritual of finely ground rice powder was worked over her skin daily, leaving it fresh, hydrated, and bright. This led to the team of experts at Dermalogica to create the iconic hero, Daily Microfoliant.

Microfoliation Evolved 

Move the clock to 17 years later, and emerging studies on pollution and its detriment to the skin created another powder innovation at Dermalogica. Daily Superfoliant, a charcoal and rice-based pollution removing, skin smoothing microfoliating powder was born.

Make Peace with NEW! Daily Milkfoliant

Fast forward to today and advances in innovative ingredient technologies, pivots in packaging and sustainability and skin needs have emerged.

New! Daily Milkfoliant, is our peaceful way to exfoliate for every skin! In fact, this creamy, vegan exfoliating powder is clinically proven to smooth skin calmly, offering three unique benefits: exfoliating, replenishing and calming.

Key ingredients in Daily Milkfoliant:

  • Fine Oat Powder – A physical exfoliator that gently polishes impurities from the skin, leaving it smooth and fresh.
  • Grape Extract and Arginine – A natural exfoliating blend containing AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) and Saccharomyces Ferment, provides gentle chemical exfoliation to reveal luminous skin.
  • Papain Extract – Enzymatic exfoliation removes dulling skin, boosting a renewed skin.
  • Saccharide Isomerate – Works as a moisture magnet, boosting skins hydration by leaving a film of moisture over the skin which doubles up to balance the skin’s microbiome.
  • Hyaluronic Acid – Known for its ability to hold 1000 times its own weight in water, this potent humectant, also naturally present in the skin, delivers deep hydration.
  • Vegan Coconut Milk – Provides a creamy milky texture, along with delivering Vitamin E, both rich lipids, to smooth and condition the skin.
  • Oat Bran Extract – Rich in nourishing lipids and powerful avenanthramides (anti-inflammatory antioxidants) to replenish the skin’s natural barrier oils and soothe and calm skin.
  • Atomised Sea Salt – More concentrated than sea water, contains an abundance of Magnesium which reduces inflammation and soothes the skin.

How to use Daily Milkfoliant

Daily Milkfoliant is best used in the morning after cleansing, beginning your day peacefully with a calming exfoliation and a positive affirmation. Simply dispense half a teaspoon of powder into damp hands, to make a creamy and frothy butter – more water should be added to create the correct consistency. Gently work Daily Milkfoliant over the skin for one minute – it may even be left on a little longer as a soothing and hydrating mini masque. If you are tight on time, simply mix it Daily Milfoliant into your cleanser for a power cleanse. No matter how you choose to use your Daily Milkfoliant, you simply rinse off the skin with warm water or wipe away with your face cloth.

PRO Tip: Follow with your Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist and Circular Hydration Serum to maximise hydration, then seal the moisture in with your favourite Dermalogica Moisturiser and spf.

You can purchase your very own Daily Milkfoliant at your nearest Pure Indulgence Location and make peace with exfoliation today.

WRITTEN BY – Susan Neilon (Dermalogica Senior Educator)  


Targeting tween and teen breakouts and the marks left behind

Treating teen skin is a delicate balancing act. Treatment requires balancing not only the oil and bacteria that form the breakouts, but also the dark marks they leave behind.
The skin experts from Dermalogica’s Clear Start range of products share invaluable insights into how to tackle younger, breakout prone skin.

How is it that younger skin breakout more than an adult skin?
Suffice to say, teens and tweens are under the powerful influence of hormones. These hormones, human growth hormone, estrogen and testosterone, are responsible for the growth and development of the body, changes in moods (we remember them well, as do our parents!) and increase in oil flow and skin cell production in the skin. The result? Greasy skin which when not addressed with a consistent routine of a non-stripping cleanser and light-weight moisturiser, will develop blocked pores and the risk of breakouts.

Why do younger skins need a moisturiser when they have enough oil?
There is a common misconception that moisturisers cause breakouts and an oily shine. To give a quick “101” on the skin, it’s vital to note there is both water and oil found in the skin. The balance of these components maintains a healthy balanced skin. Water is found within the skin cells providing hydration of the skin and enabling to our natural skin cell shedding process to occur. If dead cells are not shed, this will contribute to congestion and breakouts. Oils are produced from two sources, the oil gland (which a cleanser balances) and the critical protective lipids formed within the skin cells, excreted to surround skin cells and lock water in our cells. If skin is stripped with a harsh cleanser or an astringent product and not protected with a moisturiser, the skin will overcompensate with higher oil production and a feeling of tightness.

How do breakouts form and why do I get a dark spot after?
Imagine a pore is like a balloon. It fills with oil, sweat, pollution and breakout causing bacteria which begins to multiply due to the lack of oxygen. The pressure of this blockage bursts the pore, just like a balloon with that extra breath of air. What comes next is the formation of a red and painful blind pimple, which then evolves into a white pussy pimple, due to the immune system acting upon the infection. Hand in hand with the development of the breakout is the development of the dark spot. The dark spot is pigment that is sent to and calm down the inflammation and promote healing. This means the more severe the breakout the more pigment will be produced. This pigment is also known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH.

Can’t I just squeeze the spots and they will go away?

Definitely not! As tempting as it is the challenge the skin faces is the formation of more breakouts and darker marks. Let’s go back to the balloon analogy and the bursting of the pore which is still healing. To squeeze the breakout will push the infection back out into the surrounding skin which can cause new breakouts to form in the neighbouring pores. More inflammation reactivates the pigment cells to make more melanin which causes further PIH. Another point to consider is when the immune cells are clearing the infection in the surrounding skin, they dissolve collagen and elastin found here which over time can cause crater scarring. This will be a permanent reminder of the breakouts.

What is the solution to a clear skin?
Dermalogica has you covered! Our team of doctors and chemists in the Dermalogica laboratories developed Clear Start, custom made for younger, breakout-prone skin. Clear Start brings the best of high-tech breakout fighting ingredient technology, along with the best of nature to support young skin with a clear healthy-looking skin that is fun and easy to use.

Step 1 – CLEANSE
Wash your face twice a day with Breakout Clearing Foaming Wash, to deep clean and purify the skin. This gentle wash with Salicylic Acid washes away dead skin cells, dirt and excess oils, for fewer breakouts. It clears and soothes skin with botanicals and can be used all over face and body to treat and help prevent future breakouts.

Step 2 – TREAT
To target active, inflamed breakouts, apply Breakout Clearing Booster directly to breakouts AM and PM. This treatment product kills breakout causing bacteria in just 15 minutes! It stimulates natural exfoliation, helping to unclog pores and clear breakouts and unlike many drying spot treatments, soothes breakout-irritated skin.
To tackle post-breakout marks from healing spots, apply Post-Breakout Fix directly to post-breakout spots and repeat daily until marks fade. Actives including Hexylresorcinol and Salicylic Acid , to help fade the marks and improve skin tone.

To hydrate and refresh with none of the shine, apply Cooling Aqua Jelly daily pm. This skin refining, gel moisturiser helps reduce excess oil and refine skin texture, hydrates and cools skin for a refreshed feeling and calms and soothes while brightening the skin’s appearance.

To shield and defend against damaging UV, apply Clearing Defense spf30. This shine-reducing feather light SPF will help prevent UV darkening the marks and prevent destruction to skin’s collagen stores which can prematurely age the skin in the future.

Call into one of our 11 Pure Indulgence locations today and speak to a Qualified Skin Therapist to get yourself or your young person on the road to a healthier clearer skin.

Clear start. clear conscience. clear skin. cleaner planet. recycled plastic + forest-certified paper

In 2020, we began incorporating recycled plastic into our Clear Start packaging materials. All our cartons use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper and several of our products are sold without cartons to reduce waste.
cruelty-free + certified vegan

We are recognized as cruelty free by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and Leaping Bunny. Plus, all of the Clear Start products are certified as vegan. no artificial colours or fragrances.

Dermalogica has been clean since 1986. Our formulas are free of artificial colours and fragrances, mineral oil, lanolin, S.D. alcohol, parabens and microplastics.


Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist

When you close your eyes and imagine what healthy skin looks like, no doubt you see a skin that looks bright and luminous with a healthy radiant
glow. Under the microscope as your Skin Professional at Pure Indulgence, we’re really talking about its moisture barrier: a natural, lipidrich blend of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids that make the skin appear smooth, supple, and resilient and functions as skin’s first line of defence. Included in this are the skin cells and their moisture content. The combination of both lipids surrounding the cells and the content of moisture inside the cells equates to a healthy skin barrier.

What makes and breaks a Healthy Moisture Barrier?

A healthy moisture barrier keeps pollution and bacteria out and helps hold in hydration. But skin’s moisture barrier can easily be compromised by stressors like environmental aggressors, overexfoliation, harsh stripping cleansers and astringents, and even the natural skin ageing process. Like a deflated balloon, skin then loses its bounce, vitality and natural luster – becoming dull and amplifying imperfections. Many consumers turn to anti-aging products to restore their skin’s bounce and tone, but these don’t address
the root problem: prolonged dehydration due to a compromised barrier.

Navigating dehydration

The market is quite literally flooded with Toners and Mists to target dryness and dehydration.  So what sets Dermalogica apart? At the Dermalogica Laboratories our team of
Research and Development Drs have curated a high potency Mist using Next Generation Ingredient Technology which targets not only skin cells to boost hydration but
also targets the barrier lipids to enhance the skin protective shield.

Introducing NEW! Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist

Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist saturates skin with hydration, and locks in moisture to help it bounce back. Formulated with:

– Four types of Hyaluronic Acid: targets all layers of the skin to hydrate and seal in moisture for supple skin.

– Ceramides: boosts skins protective barrier and locks the vital moisture within skins cells to soothe skin and
reduce fine lines.

– Rose Water: rich in antioxidant flavonoids and polyphenols, revives and refreshes skin boosting its defence
against environmental aggressors preventing premature ageing.

How to use Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist

Simply spritz over your cleansed skin am and pm and for best results follow with Dermalogica’s Circular Hydration Serum and your favourite
Dermalogica Moisturser.  Our Pro Tip is to use Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist as a refreshing mist throughout the day
to boost hydration, even over your make-up!

Pick up yours today from one of our 11 Pure Indulgence Locations and we welcome you to your healthiest most hydrated skin yet.

WRITTEN BY – Susan Neilon (Dermalogica Senior Educator)