Dermalogica’s Daily Glycolic Cleanser

NEW! Daily Glycolic Cleanser – Pure Indulgence

Have you ever noticed your skin change overnight? One day our skin can look vibrant and fresh and the next, we seem to have lost that radiance and glow.

What can dull our glow?

Dull, lacklustre skin can affect anyone, anytime and is an increasing concern. Why? Because dead skin cells and other environmental factors like pollution act as brightness blockers that form a wall on the skin and dim your glow. Couple that with the perils of stress and a rough night’s sleep, and skin radiance becomes a thing of the past.

Time to take charge

Dullness can be tackled in many ways and exfoliation ranks high in delivering immediate results. This can be tricky as an overly intensive approach to exfoliation can harm the skin barrier, causing irritation and worsening dullness. The solution to undoing daily dullness without compromise…Dermalogica’s NEW Daily Glycolic Cleanser.

Introducing – NEW Daily Glycolic Cleanser

Daily Glycolic Cleanser makes it possible for you to cleanse your way to brighter and conditioned skin every day. This gentle, yet effective, gel-based cleanser works to unglue and cleanse away brightness blockers that build up on skin daily, while maintaining the skins moisture barrier.

This cleanser’s star ingredient is Glycolic Acid. Known for having the smallest molecular size of all Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), Glycolic Acid is effective at penetrating the skin surface where all that dullness resides.

Working alongside Glycolic Acid is a blend of soothing Calendula Extract and nourishing Jojoba Seed Oil. Together, these botanicals condition and replenish skin, helping preserve the skin’s moisture barrier, ensuring luminous, healthy-looking skin after each wash.

How To Use Daily Glycolic Cleanser

Daily Glycolic Cleanser can be used both morning and night, dependent on the individual skin. Used in the morning, it leaves skin smooth and bright, ready for make-up application. At night, it’s ideal to remove the days’ pollution and allow your night-time serum to penetrate even more effectively into the skin.

Apply a blueberry size amount of Daily Glycolic Cleanser onto to a damp skin after a pre-cleansing formula. Gently message for 1 – 2 minutes, before rinsing away. Follow with your favourite toner, serum and moisturiser – don’t forget SPF in the daytime!


Visit your nearest Pure Indulgence location to get your Daily Glycolic Cleanser and reveal your glow now!

WRITTEN BY – Susan Neilon (Dermalogica Senior Educator)