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When we consider what really makes our skin look older, the assumption is it’s the lines, wrinkles and skin sagging. But did you know that dark spots, marks and freckles on the skin, can quite literally add 20 years to your perceived age?

What’s the Story?
How do these marks appear you may ask? Well, these marks can come from a variety of triggers. Flashback through your decades: were you the sporty type; smoked cigarettes; sun baked; suffered from acne? All these events are banked in the memory of the cell that makes these dark spots appear, and sadly, pays you in dividends in the form of dark marks and age spots.

Ageing also causes our skin to appear blotchy in tone. Our pigment producing melanocyte cells naturally decline in their numbers by 6 to 8% each decade after the age of 30, which attributes to the blotchy, mottled appearance of the skin as we get older. Not only that, but skin on more sun exposed areas of the face, neck and the backs of the hands can be prone to the formation of age spots or solar lentigines, due to the melanocytes adapting to excessive UV exposure and consequently, growing larger and grouping together. What we know is that 90% of us will experience age spots after the age of 60.

New Research

Did you know pollution has recently been attributed to the dark marks on the skin? According to recent studies carried out in Germany, skins exposed to high pollution levels had 20 to 22% more dark spots on the cheeks and forehead than those surveyed who lived in very low polluted regions. This breakthrough insight reinforces the importance of pollution removal skincare in the form of water-soluble precleansing oils, as well as the need for dark spot treatments to include powerful antioxidants that protect against pollution.

Introducing NEW PowerBright Dark Spot Serum

New innovation in ingredient technology at Dermalogica has resulted in an incredible, high performing serum to both fade and prevent dark spots. NEW PowerBright Dark Spot Serum is a powerful and safe solution that treats dark spots instantly and overtime, fading dark spots in as little as a few days.

The Ingredient Technology

Hexylresorcinol coupled with Niacinamide drastically reduce pigment in the skin without the negative side effects, giving a more even skin tone. Botanicals Peony and Blueberry reduce dark spots, but are also powerful antioxidants. Shiitake Mushroom – rich in beta glucans – further brightens skin.  Indian Ginseng, a highly potent antioxidant, stops pollution in its tracks, reducing this major trigger, along with the help of the skin-shielding actives. To give the instant results, light diffusing technology reflects light away from the skin, preventing the dark marks from absorbing light, rendering the dark mark to appear lighter.

How to use:
Simply apply 1 pump of PowerBright Dark Spot Serum over a double cleansed and toned skin. Allow 1 minute for absorption and then follow with your Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 50, or other bespoke Dermalogica SPF day cream.

Professional Brightening Boost
Amplify the results with a Pro Skin Brightening Treatment featured at Pure Indulgence. This results-driven service powers up the results from using PowerBright Dark Spot Serum at home. By further brightening, smoothing, hydrating and illuminating the skin, the Pro Skin Brightening Treatment rapidly reduces the appearance of dark spots.

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WRITTEN BY – Susan Neilon (Dermalogica Senior Educator)