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Dermalogica ProSkin Facials
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Dermalogica is a state of the art skin care system utilising latest ingredient technologies to target specific skin conditions. Includes a relaxing foot massage.

Treatments Duration Price

Face Fit Treatment
A unique skin analysis experience to assess your skin needs, helping to deliver the fastest route to flawless skin. *redeemable against product purchase

10 Minutes $20

Pro 30 Skin
Targeting your key skin concern for maximum impact in minimum time. This treatment is a favourite with those who have just 30 minutes and want visible results for great value.

30 Minutes $85

Pro 60 Facial
This personalised treatment is ideal for those who want serious results for their skin concerns using high-performance cosmeceutical ingredients and machinery. Indulge in this total sensory experience with essential aromatics and therapeutic massage.

60 minutes $129

Pro Ultimate Facial
This is the ultimate facial experience delivered by your skin expert for exceptional results and deep relaxation. A high-performance treatment designed to resurface, rejuvenate and restore the skin using advanced technology and cosmeceutical ingredients. Intensify your treatment with inclusions of microdermabrasion, treatment peels, LED light therapy or microcurrent infusion, this is the ultimate facial.

80 minutes $169


Yuva Natural Spa Facials
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Luxury facials using natural, chemical free and cruelty free skin care. All Yuva Natural Skin Care Facials include a relaxing foot massage.

Treatments Duration Price

Spa Radiance Facial
Facial cleanse, steam, exfoliation and mask.

30 Minutes $75

Spa Wellness Facial
Scalp, neck and shoulder massage, facial cleanse, steam, exfoliation, mask and pressure point facial therapy.

50 Minutes $105

Spa Delight Facial
Facial cleanse, steam, exfoliation, relaxing facial, shoulder, neck and scalp massage and mask.

60 Minutes $124

Pure Indulgence Signature Facial
Including a luxury neck and shoulder hot stone massage Personalised double cleanse, steam, exfoliation, relaxing face, neck, shoulder and scalp massage. Professional mask to finish.

70 Minutes $145
Facial Additions
Treatments Duration Price

LED Light Therapy Mask

20 minutes



10 minutes $35

Active Recovery Mask


10 minutes $25
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