Dermalogica Facials
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Dermalogica is a state of the art skin care system utilising latest ingredient technologies to target specific skin conditions. Includes a relaxing foot massage.

Treatments Duration Price

Skin Health Express Facial
A quick fix facial to leave your skin feeling fresh and radiant.

30 Minutes $69

Complete Skin Health Facial
With a focus on skin health this facial will leave your skin feeling smooth, hydrated and fresh.

60 Minutes $119

AGE Smart® Facial
This facial will firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energise the skin. Includes firming facial massage.

60 Minutes $129

PowerBright TRxTM Facial
This brightening treatment will help stop uneven pigmentation at its source and deliver a radiant skin.

60 Minutes $129

MediBac clearing® Facial
This deep cleansing facial will clear congestion, detoxify the skin and soothe redness.

50 Minutes $109

UltraCalmingTM Facial
A soothing and calming treatment that helps boost the immune function of the skin. Reduces redness and offers long lasting relief for sensitive skin.

50 Minutes $109

Clear StartTM Facial
A treatment facial for teens to help balance the skin and treat congestion and acne (no foot massage). Includes extractions and high frequency.

40 Minutes $89


Yuva Natural Skin Care Facials
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Luxury facials using natural, chemical free and cruelty free skin care. All Yuva Natural Skin Care Facials include a relaxing foot massage.

Treatments Duration Price

Yuva Express Facial
Facial cleanse, steam, exfoliation and mask.

30 Minutes $69

Spa Wellness Facial
Scalp, neck and shoulder massage, facial cleanse, steam, exfoliation, mask and pressure point facial therapy.

50 Minutes $99

Spa Delight Facial
Facial cleanse, steam, exfoliation, relaxing facial, shoulder, neck and scalp massage and mask.

60 Minutes $115

Pure Indulgence Signature Facial
The Signature Facial includes a muscle melting hot stone back ritual, BT Micro Current deep cleanse, facial cleanse, steam, exfoliation, face, neck, shoulder and scalp massage hydration infusion and mask.

70 Minutes $139
Facial Additions
Treatments Duration Price

Dermalogica ION Actives

20 minutes


LED Light Therapy Mask

20 minutes


Microdermabrasion Face

10 minutes $35

Active Recovery Mask



BT Micro Current Deep Cleanse and Infusion


Firming Contour Mask

10 minutes $25


10 minutes $25

Anti Bacterial  High Frequency

10 minutes $25
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